Yaumul Ukhuwah

11 March 2012: PERKIM Secretariat had organized “yaumulukhuwwah” program at HS Square, IIUM Gombak campus. This program was the first activity that gathers the members of this club in almost one day started from 9.00 a.m. until 12.30 p.m. Although there were only 30 participants and not all members of the club were joining, the program still running smoothly and also achieving the target.
            Hence, this program also was held in order to introduce PERKIM Secretariat and its mainboards of this tenure to all the participants involved. In such a way it also made each of the members know each other better and strengthen the bond between all of them. During this program, we explained the jobs scope of each bureau and also the almanac of the club. Besides that, participants had a chance and opportunity to give their comment throughout the modules and any suggestion. Furthermore, they also give idea and support to join our next program.
All of the participants were very cooperative and participative in all the activities that we’ve held. Praised to Allah give us opportunity to gather and share something news among each other. This program launch successfully as follow what had been planned.