Training of Da'ie

Saturday : 14 April 2012 PERKIM Secretariat in collaboration with PERKIM Ampang and PERKIM Selangor was organizing “Training of Da’i : Methodology of Da’wah” in order to take the proper da`wah training and do this work in a methodical way on behalf of all other members of the community.  This program was handled by line up committee of PERKIM at Main Auditorium, and it was participated by IIUM students.

This program was started with registration of students and breakfast at 8 am. Then, Slot 1 started at 9.05 am. This slot, entitled “FAQs on Religions”, is presented by Bro. Lim Jooi Soon. During this slot, Bro. Lim was giving an idea how to explain and answer the entire trick question from non-Muslim. For example, if non-Muslim asks “Why Allah created pig if Muslim cannot eat it?” and the answer is “Not all things in this world is created to be eaten”. Allah also created stone, but stone is created not as food.” The feedback from the audience is positive because they asked a lot of questions during this slot.

 The next slot is divided into two sessions. First session is presented by Bro. Firdaus Wong Wai Hung for the topic “Chinese Beliefs”. Bro Firdaus tells about the Chinese terms of worship, food and culture. Next, the second session continues with the title "Christian History" presented by Bro Mohd Amin Yaacob. This slot is about the origin of the Christians. 

During Slot 2 session 1, Bro. Firdaus is talking about Chinese beliefs.

During Bible session, Bro. Lim is giving the input about the weaknesses of that book.

Finally, slot 3 is presented by Bro Lim Soon Jooi. This slot is the most attractive slot because in this slot, participants are given the opportunity to hold, studying and reading the Bible. In this slot, brother Lim Soon Jooi distinguishes between the contents of the Bible with the Quran. This program finished by 5 pm.